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Digital Library

The 1980s saw another sharp rise in the services and materials the library offered

Floorplan of Basement Addition to New Building, 1990

The basement addition opened in 1991,

allowing more space for the adult collection upstairs without sacrificing seating.  Other important additions were a larger typing room, a new geneaology room, and a dedicated storage room.

With the new space and conveniences, library director Wayne Mayo made many plans for the improvement of the library.  Seeing the early rise of digitization in the world of information, he hoped to digitize books, set up a computerized card catalog, and expand the video collection.  In 1994, the library included $50,000 for an online catalog in its 1995 budget request.  But alas all these things were put on hold when

Wayne Mayo passed away, in 1994

at the age of 63.  He had been at the head of the library for 31 years.  Since his tenure began in 1963, the library had gone through innumerable changes, most notably the transition from the Carnegie building to its new location.  On May 24, 1994, the library closed for a memorial service in the auditorium, where they commemorated the life of a man who had meant everything to the library.

It took six months to find a new library director.  But in November 1994, Bruce Flanders, formerly director of technology for the Kansas State Library, was hired to head the Lawrence Public Library.