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Space Jam

The acute lack of space that was already plaguing the library in 1916 only grew more pronounced with time.  And with the boom in library usage during the Great Depression,

The space problem grew dire

Lawrence Public Library Annual Report, 1935

In her Annual Report for 1935, Lillian Constant wrote,

We are much in need not only of building repairs, but of space to house our books. This need grows more urgent every day. We cannot discard as many books as we buy and the stacks in the regular stack rooms which were originally built for books are crowded to the limit. I hope this project will not be delayed for many months.

Only thirty years after the Carnegie was built, the library was set to explode from its confines in a bright burst of books and newsprint.

But the hard economic times had reminded the people of Lawrence how much they owed to their public library.  It was one of the few places they could still depend on for unconditional help. And so for an institution that gave so much, it was hardly surprising that when the library asked, they received.