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Stores Along Mass

Change has been a constant along Massachusetts Street. Over the years, businesses along Mass have closed down and replaced by new enterprises. Some buildings were bulldozed; fire claimed others. Promotional postcards like those featured below have helped to preserve Mass Street’s history.

Postcard of the Prentiss Home Store

Charline Fitzpatrick wrote a note on the back of this postcard stating that this was her favorite. During her time at Quincy School, Fitzpatrick (then Charline Smith) would buy her school supplies at the Home Store. Mrs. Annie Soule Prentiss was the owner of the little store and happily served school children like Fitzpatrick and her peers.  Featured on the postcard (from left to right) are Ella Neil, Lori Simpson, Mrs. Annie Soule Prentiss, and Frank Prentiss.

The store was located at 1105 Massachusetts Street until some time between 1910 and 1911. The 1911 Polk Directory has the store listed at 907 Tennessee Street.

Advertisement Postcard for Coe's Drug Stores

Coe's Drug Store was owned by Clyde Coe (1884-1950) and during its tenure in Lawrence it was one of the more popular places for students to hang out. Coe's offered soda, milkshakes, and various treats for students to purchase along with school supplies and home goods. The building that hosted the original Coe's Drug Store is now Mass Street Music.