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  • Collection: Watkins Museum of History - Lawrence Disaster Images
Postcard photographs of Locations in Lawrence which were damaged by the 1911 tornado. Downtown from about 7th and Massachusetts looking south.
A tornado photograph with a very thin funnel curving to the ground from a very dark cloud. The foreground contains a row of one and two story frame houses on the edge of a town which have not been touched by the tornado yet. The cloud…
A photograph of a storm cloud with a tornadic funnel extending toward the ground but not touching it. The tornado may have touched down earlier as the air around it seems to be full of dust. The foreground of the photo is very dark and…
A photo of overturned buildings damaged during the April 11, 1911 tornado.
A home destroyed by the tornado in April 11, 1911. Two boys and a man look over the damage to a home.
1983.222.114A photograph shows several heavily damaged buildings being reconstructed. Piles of bricks and other construction material can be seen on the sidewalk. On the extreme right, three or four workmen are doing something, possibly laying brick.…
600 block of Massachusetts Street in Lawrence after tornado.
Rural view of a funnel cloud in the distance as two men and two children stand near a limestone shed and watch. One of the children points to it while looking at the photographer. A large leafless tree dominates the right side of the photo while…
A view of the countryside to the west and north of Grover's barn showing a funnel cloud, (tornado) not touching the ground. Two adults and two children watch in the foreground.
A view of the Lawrence Paper Mill after the tornado of April 12, 1911. Several men are standing around and looking at the debris of the upper floor and roof of the mill which had been destroyed.
View of FAU Hall in Clinton - 1917 tornado damage.
Wreck at the store at Clinton from 1917 tornado.
Remains of church in 1917 tornado in Clinton.
Photograph of the remains of a house completely demolished by a tornado. Several men and boys standing on and in the ruins according to the legend on the back this is the remains of the Archie Brown house after the tornado of 1904.
Postcarrd. Black and white photograph of a damaged ftwo-story brick building. The house is damaged with damaged trees and tree limbs in the foreground. Legend at the bottom "Simmons Old Res. After Tornado, Lawrence, Ks. 4/12/1911."
Photo of "Part of 600 Block, Mass St., Lawrence, Kans." 1911 Tornado Damage
Postcard photographs of Locations in Lawrence which were damaged by the 1911 tornado. Downtown from about 7th and Massachusetts locking toward the Shirt Factory, Kaw river in the background.
A photo of a newly constructed home that was moved from it foundation by the storm. Three unidentified men sit on the foundation of the home.
Damage to a Lawrence home from the tornado on April 11, 1911.
1976.1294 Photos shows two heavily damaged commercial buildings. Advertisements for Coca Cola and Henry George Cigars painted on building to left. Debris scattered in street. Identified as "1911 - (April) - tornado, Lawrence, KS."
Shows overturned house surrounded by debris. Identified "1911 - (April) - Tornado, Lawrence, KS."
Black and white. Shows wreckage of frame building(s)(s), right, and other buildings still standing, left and background. Identified as "1911 - (April) - Tornado, Lawrence, KS."
1976.1230 Woman surveying damage to two buildings, one overturned. Debris all over the ground. Identified as "1911 (April)- Tornado, Lawrence, KS" Photo by R.H. Beamer
1976.1174 Shows damage to several Massachussettes Street Storefronts. Debris hanging over powerr lines that cross street. Building at left: "615 H. Thompson Photographer" "Mesenheimer" over front door. At right, Junius Underwood's Store- seeds,…
1976.1173 Shows overturned house, wreckage, and fallen trees. Identified- "1911 (April)- Tornado, Lawrence, KS Photo by R.H. Beamer
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