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Lawrence (Kan.)


The You Are Local History community digitization project aimed to collect and digitize objects that tell stories about Lawrence, in order to create a more diverse and representative history of Lawrence. Objects were collected and digitized throughout June and July of 2018, with a community digitizing event on June 30th. Members of the Lawrence community donated photographs, videos, posters, t-shirts, mementos, trinkets, ephemera, texts, and other objects to be included in this digital archive.


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Collection Items

Kansas Coalition for a Gun Free Campus Banner, 2016.
Cloth and paint banner with "Kansas Coalition for a Gun-Free Campus" printed next to a pistol with a barrel in the shape of a pencil. This banner was displayed at the 2016 Wescoe protest at the University of Kansas.

Higher Ed Under the Gun T-Shirt, 2016.
Gray t-shirt with the words 'Higher Ed Under the Gun' printed over an outline of Kansas state, with the date 'July 1, 2017' printed below the state outline. Megan designed this shirt in 2016 to protest "campus carry," concealed carry policies that…

Kansas Patriots Brochure, 2016.
Brochure with a picture of a soldier in camoflauge running, facing front, armed with a rifle on the front page, between the words 'Kansas Patriots for the 2nd Amendment.' The inner folds discuss the Kansas Gun Law (75-7c01) and concealed carry on…

Campus Carry Expiration Bumper Sticker, 2016.
Yellow and black bumper sticker with the words 'Expires July 1, 2017' above two phone numbers to the State Capitol and Representative Barker. The date signals the end of the exemption from the Personal and Family Protection Act, permitting…

Question for Coach Self Business Card
Business card with the words 'Question for Coach Self... Will you allow Jayhawk players to carry concealed guns?' and the hashtag '#failcampuscarry.' Small foam finger drawings are on the right and left side of the hashtag.

National Rifle Association Mouth Gag, 2016.
Strip of white fabric with spraypainted 'NRA' in red paint. Utilized at the 2016 Wescoe protest by students and faculty opposing concealed carry policies at the University of Kansas.

Mary Lou Wright's Crossword Pillow, 1991.
Embroidered black, red, and beige pillow with crossword design on the front, with the words 'Mary Lou, Mystery, School Board, Raven, Pond, Daffodils, Tennis, Garden, Scripps, Art' and the date '1991' connected. A red border surrounds the crossword.…

Mary Lou Wright's Mystery Author Wall Quilt Hanging
Three piece wall quilt hanging with a firefly print background and daffodil print borders. Each quilt contains quilt blocks with signatures from mystery novelists who gave a talk at the Raven Bookstore and/or stayed at the residence of Mary Lou…

Photograph of Raven Bookstore Harry Potter Midnight Release, 2003.
Photograph of the Raven Bookstore storefront before the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Bookstores were allowed to begin selling a newly-released Harry Potter book no earlier than midnight, so these devoted Harry Potter…

Photograph of Bernadette Traiger Creating Raven Bookstore Window Display, 1990.
Photograph of Bernadette Traiger hanging up a parrot for a Raven Bookstore window display.

Photograph of Sara Paretsky's Crossword Pillow, 1997.
Photograph of an embroidered pillow made by Mary Lou Wright for Sara Paretsky. Mary Lou Wright has made several of these crossword pillows over the years, always with the help of Bernadette Traiger, who finishes the back and edges of the pillow with…

Photograph of Pattie Kehde and Mary Lou Wright with the First Two Books on the Raven Bookstore's Shelves, 1987.
Photograph of Pattie Kehde (left) and Mary Lou Wright (right) on opening day at the Raven, placing the first two books on the shelves.

Photograph of Lee Harris and Beth Schultz at the Commerce Ribbon Cutting at Raven Bookstore, 1980.
Photograph of regular Raven patrons, Lee Harris (left) and Beth Schultz (right). Schultz is well known for bringing in book titles written on small scraps of paper to the Raven, after having converted to the store from Borders when she experienced…

Photograph of Michael Seiwert and the Bookshelf Raven at Raven Bookstore on Opening Day, 1987.
Photograph of Michael Seiwert (facing back) and a small stuffed raven on a bookshelf at Raven Bookstore on opening day.

Letter to Barbara Kingsolver from Mary Lou Wright, 1993.
Letter from Mary Lou Wright to Barbara Kingsolver, requesting that she visit Lawrence and hold a reading at the Raven Bookstore, given the proximity to Kansas City and Kingsolver's popularity in Lawrence.

Letter to Sara Paretsky from Mary Lou Wright, 1990.
Letter from Mary Lou Wright to Sara Paretsky, wherein Wright gives an overview of the latest Sisters in Crime meeting with Carolyn Hart, Joan Hess, and Jean Hager, including new members and discussions of the future goals of Sisters in Crime as an…

The Raven Bookstore Signings Promotional Pamphlet for Authors, 2000.
Informational pamphlet for prospective authors providing details about holding a book signing at the Raven Bookstore. Includes information about promotional strategies, including newsletter and newspaper features, interviews, and radio show visits.…

The Lawrence Journal-World Arts Feature on The Raven, 1987.
Arts feature on the opening of the Raven Bookstore, with the headline 'Lawrence women seek life of crime -- in books.' Pat Kehde (left) and Mary Lou Wright (right) are pictured; Wright holds a copy of Sherlock Holmes.

Lawrence High School Annual Commencement Pamphlet, 1902.
Commencement pamphlet for the Lawrence High School class of 1902. Includes names of graduating students and the program schedule.

Liberty Memorial High School Fifty-ninth Commencement Pamphlet, 1933.
Commencement pamphlet for the Liberty Memorial High School class of 1933. Includes names of graduating students and a program schedule.

Liberty Memorial High School Girl Reserves Air Routes for G. R. Plane, 1930.
Schedule for the Liberty Memorial High School Girl Reserves meetings for spring of 1930, including socials, banquets, and committees.

Liberty Memorial High School Open House Pamphlet, 1929.
Pamphlet for the Liberty Memorial High School Open House of 1929, including a schedule of classes to visit during school hours and a building guide.

Trotty Veck Message Chuckles, 1941.
Pamphlet featuring short stories, aphorisms, and jokes, as well as illustrations of a bald man in a coat.

Eighth-Grade Examination Pamphlet, 1929.
Pamphlet of examination questions for reading, arithmetic, grammar, spelling, geography, United States history, physology and hygiene, civics, and music for the eighth-grade year.

Shiny Dreamers Love Live! OP2 Cosplay
Jacket, skirt, microphone, flower, and neckerchief for the Shiny Dreamers Love Live! OP2 (Mirai no Bokura wa Shitteru yo) performance. The Shiny Dreamers are a Lawrence and Kansas City dance group that perform Love Live! dances in full costume. This…
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