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1977.055.058 Another view of the flooding Kaw taken from hill southwest of and showing R.R. McFarland farm.
1977.055.059 Another view from past the R.R. McFarland farm and looking across the flooded Kaw Valley.
1977.055.060 At 4pm that day looking almost straight down the Kaw from hilltop southwest of the McFarland's farm. Dykes had broken late the night before.
Taken about 10am before crest of 31.5 had (arrowed?) in afternoon.
1977.055.069 From Santa Fe platform about 10am before crest of 31.5 had arrowed.
1977.055.070 Looking up the river from Santa Fe platform.
1977.055.071 8th Street flooded by storm sewer backing up and river overflow.
1977.055.072  Taken about 10 am before crest had arrived. Cohen's on 9th St. near Santa Fe switches.
1977.055.073  Water bubbling from drainage manhole on 8th Street.
1977.055.074  Showing water afternoon of July 12 after (big 4 inch rain night before) flood had broken dykes that morning and water high had attained about 28 1/2 feet. This is from the crossing just east of our warehouse - the brick (building?) on…
1977.055.075 Water running between Bowersock buildings.
1977.055.076 That afternoon the little white house on opposite bank had water well up on it.
1977.055.077 The white "Warning" sign seemingly under the bridge at lower right was covered early the night of the 12th. See later pictures.
1977.055.078  The flood that afternoon about 3pm. Note the little white house across the stream through third (shan?) of bridge, water had then reached it. Also note the guy wires holding telegraph wires at lower extreme right. Later picture taken…
1977.055.080 Looking up stream from on top of Bowersock mill. Not a rail on the Santa Fe is in sight. Telegraph poles are even largely submerged.
1977.055.093 The trees at water edge were once the bank of the Kaw and far above the water edge. Now they were greatly submerged.
1977.055.096 A look down the Kaw and to the left, water far and wide.
1977.055.105Another view of lake to the northeast in which my farm buildings are. The whole area from Highway south to the river was one big lake miles wide.
Wide variety of flood scenes, rural and city, with captions, dates, and other info. Progressive description of flood thru summer 1951.
1977.055.111 9:30 AM. Breaks in the Union Pacific Railroad Lever-Looking north on railway.
1977.055.139 Tepee Station-see drift on phone pole and on gas pumps, also above car at right on line.
1977.055.140 Saturday. Freight car ? by rushing waters east of U.P. depot.
1977.055.154 Sunday. A view of north U.P. trestle near Alfred Heck's farm. Trestles same side. Water seven feet deep.
1977.055.184 Where the water cut thru to the southest about 3/4 mile west of our south line.
1977.055.190 High water mark flood of 7-12-51 near top of windows.
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