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Text: A telephone directory of Lawrence (Kan.) residents and businesses produced in November 1916 by the Lawrence Home Telephone Company. The directory contains information about long distance calls, Lawrence telephone subscribers' phone numbers and…

Text: A record, with pictures, names, and short biographies of military service, of men and women from Douglas County (Kan.) who fought in the Armed Forces during World War II. The text is dedicated to those who died in the war.

In this interview, Pattie Johnston talks with World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War veterans about their military experiences. The participants are unidentified.

Neon sign for Francis Sporting Goods, a sports gear and equipment store that used to be on Massachusetts Street in the House Building. The sign now hangs in April Dwyer's office as a memento of the family business.

A USS Vammen hat worn by a neighbor of Anne Tangeman's. This neighbor always sat on the front porch with his wife and watched the Barker neighborhood Memorial Day parade, which included almost the entire neighborhood: kids with streamers and…

The home of Dr. S.B. Prentiss and his wife, Annie J. Soule, in Lawrence, Kansas. Mrs. Prentiss is in the picture with three of her four stepchildren (from left: Ella Prentiss Niell, Louisa Prentiss Simpson, Mrs. Prentiss, and Frank Prentiss). Rebecca…

Photograph of Richard and Theda Higgins standing in front of their fish market, Higgins Fish Market. Richard was a Riverking who caught fish on the Kaw, while Theda was responsible for cleaning, cutting, packaging, and selling the fish at the market.…

Photograph of Richard Higgins, the grandfather of Barbara Higgins-Dover, weaving a fishing net, which he used to catch fish in the Kaw River. Barbara remembers her grandfather weaving fishing nets in the living room when she was growing up.

Newspaper clipping of Richard Higgins holding a Burbot, a rare fish to catch in the Kansas river. Richard Higgins was a Riverking and the grandfather of Barbara Higgins-Dover, who remembers fishing on the Kaw River with him as a young girl.

Newspaper clipping of Henry "Catfish" Oakes holding a large catfish. Oakes was a great uncle to Barbara Higgins-Dover. She remembers that he used to play the harmonica and sing, making up songs for her.

Charles (right) and Phil Saunders (left) were commercial fishermen on the Kaw River. In this photo, they are holding a line of recently caught fish.

A grapple hook would be thrown out to retrieve submerged fishing nets. This grapple hook was likely made in Lawrence by a Riverking, a fisherman who made a living fishing during the Kaw River fishing industry boom.

Net knitting needles were used with a spacer block to create hoop nets, along with other kinds of nets like dip nets and wide nets. This knitting needle has been passed down through the Higgins family to Barbara Higgins-Dover, the director of the…

Double-throated hoop nets were submerged in the river to catch large quantities of fish. This net has been passed down through the Higgins family to Barbara Higgins-Dover, the director of the Riverkings Museum. Barbara remembers her grandfather…

Hook made for snagging individual, large fish without bait required. Fishermen would make these by hand. These hooks were also used for dragging the Kaw River when someone drowned, which was a common occurrence in the early 1900's in Lawrence.

Photograph of the Pugh home, owned by the Pugh family from the 1960s until approximately 2006. Ruth M. Pugh was a librarian at South Junior High and Central Junior High and obtained the photograph during research on the house around 1980. The…

Informational booklet providing the history of the No Name Club, a women's study and literary club founded in 1876.

Plaque from the successful Guiness Book of World Records attempt for the 'loudest crowd road at an indoor sports event.' Each attendee of the University of Kansas 2017 basketball game against the West Virginia Mountaineers received a commemorative…

White t-shirt with a bicycle wheel graphic encompassing an outline of the University of Kansas. Included are the words '7th Annual Lawrence Community Bike Ride.' Greg Leung received this t-shirt through participating in the bike ride in 2017.

Wood and metal clothing hanger printed with the words 'J. House and Son Clothiers and Furnishers, Lawrence, Kansas, patented August 18th, 1908.'

Two billiard balls, one red and one yellow, from Swede's Pool Hall in the House Building, which opened in 1911.

White Sonic Youth 'Dirty Japan' t-shirt with yellow-haired space cadets on the front of the shirt, wearing blue and red jumpsuits and holding guns, standing in front of a swirling red mass. On the back of the t-shirt are the words ' Sonic Youth'…

Large red flag with a while circle in the middle, with a blue outline of the state of Kansas overlaid with a red rifle and Bible and framed with the words 'Lawrence Centennial' on the top and bottom of the circle. The red rifle and Bible are…

White t-shirt with a Jayhawk cartoon holding a smaller Jayhawk wrapped in a white cloth printed on the front. Underneath the cartoon are the words 'Jaystork Cares.' Ian doesn't know the story behind this t-shirt, but found it during a garage sale and…

Yellow t-shirt with the words 'Past or Present Members Allen Press Bong Squad' printed on the front in blue. An illustration of a mail truck and children holding letters and brooms surrounds the words. Ian Schneck says he received this shirt as a…
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