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An image of the Frazer's Hall, where the Lawrence Library Association held many of its lectures and entertainments, including the lectures of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Prof. L.L.A. Oscanyan. The image shows a drawing of Frazer's Hall and a list of the…
Brad Allen, director of the Lawrence Public Library talks about his time in the library, the design decisions that went into the 2014 renovation, and the place of the library in the community of Lawrence and the world. Access HERE
A photograph of Massachusetts Street, looking south. The image shows a row of storefronts and businesses with carriages and people along the gravel road.
An award the library received for the bond issue campaign to get funding for a new library.
A letter from the Library Committee to an unspecified doctor (probably a template to send to every doctor in Lawrence) asking that the library may be informed of any persons suffering from tuberculosis, in order to limit their exposure to the library…
A page from the 1866 Lawrence City Directory and Business Guide that contains an advertisement for J.S. Boughton's circulating library and reading room, located over George Leis's Drugstore on 90 Massachussetts Street.
A short newspaper article reccounting the details of the first meeting of the Lawrence Library Association and the temporary appointment of officers.
A letter from Edward Bumgardner to the president of the Lawrence Public Library Board of Directors, J.R. Griggs, asking to convene a meeting for discussing the closing of the library during the diphtheria scare.
A letter from Edward Bumgardner to the secretary of the Lawrence Public Library Board of Directors, C.S. Hall, asking to convene a meeting for discussing the reopening of the library after the passing of the diphtheria scare.
A report by Custodian of Public Documents Edward Bumgardner outlining the state of public documents at the Lawrence Public Library.
A typewritten draft of the history of the Lawrence Public Library, which was later published in 1917 edition of Connelley's Standard History of Kansas.
The annual report, published in the Daily Kansas Tribune, of the third year of the Lawrence Library Association. The report details that year's receipts and disbursements, book acquisitions, lectures, donations, and conditions of the reading room,…
Oral history with Linda Clay, of the Lawrence Public Library's children's department, where she talks about her time in the library and the way the children's department has changed throughout the years. Access it HERE
The annual report for 1920. The report mentions contributions made by library board president Mrs. Henley, the illness and death of librarian Virginia Edwards, and her succession by Lillian J. Constant
The annual report for 1921. The report mentions the growing library collection and the struggle to fit all the books in the building.
The annual report for 1922. The report mentions the new children's room donated by Mrs. Henley and staff changes
A manual, compiled most likely by head librarian Lillian J. Constant, of the operations of the Lawerence Public Library. It consists of a scrapbook with sections pasted on to explain library procedures on such things as Library of Congress cards,…
The annual report for 1924. The report mentions increased circulation, a growing collection, and exensive use of reference materials.
The annual report for 1925. The report mentions improvements to the library, including a new coal bin, a rearrangement of the basement, and improved parking, as well as needed improvements, such as a better lighting system, additional catalog filing…
The annual report for 1926. The report mentions improvements, including a new lighting system, a new typewriter, and better parking, as well as a dire need for more space
The annual report for 1927. The report mentions how the library has fared in competition with the radio, the motor car, and the movie.
The annual report for 1928. The report mentions improvements such as additional shelving and needed improvements, including better heating and a new typewriter for the catalog department.
A short history of the library from 1865 to about 1929, written by Lillian J. Constant, head librarian of the Lawrence Public Library
The annual report for 1929. The report contains a brief history of the library, and the need for space in looking toward the future.
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